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Running a professional place requires you to focus on a lot of things. One of the things that you need to look after is interior design as well as the decoration at the workplace. You would need certain equipment that can work as a great help to you and add an edge to your workplace environment. You can set up your place uniquely when compared to others. Commercial fitouts will help make that difference, which is the key to making your office look something different. You can set up your business anywhere in Sydney, but if you haven’t gotten the necessary fitouts available, it can trouble you in the near future. But you don’t have to worry as long as you’ve got Liteco available with fitouts in Sydney. 

Liteco combines the core essentials for creating contemporary office fitouts with innovative technology equipment, sustainable office design principles and cutting-edge aesthetics. It has been engineered to be adaptable yet minimalist by allowing the meeting room layout to be easily modified, quickly set up, dismantled, or swapped out for another configuration, all at a minimal cost. That means savings for you over a long time; also, there’s no need to compromise on flexibility.

Every office is different from the other, so our team is flexible in their approach to all the projects, whether they are big or small. Suppose you are looking for new cabinets to be installed in your current office. In that case, where you require new desks for your staff, partitions for offices or additional storage areas, our team at Liteco is an expert in the field of commercial fitouts. The advantage of working with Liteco is that you will have a single point of contact for your project – from initial design to the completion and delivery of furniture and equipment. 

Office fitouts work almost the same way as well. When you’re setting up a business first up, you have a lot of things in mind regarding how you would like your office to look. If you’re going to acquire the services of a lot of people, you have to make sure that they are comfortable around the office. We have worked with a lot of potent organisations in Sydney who want to make their office look the best that it is possible to view. We have helped through our services by making sure that unique solutions are provided to each customer, depending upon the requirements. When it comes to an office, it is more about interior design. It is something that the management thinks about time and again. We turn your vision into reality, and we guide the customers with the most suitable office fit out design. With the right material available, it’s just a matter of time before our professionals at Liteco serve you right! 

Why Choose Us? 

If it’s about quality with a fabulous look for you more than anything else, you should be looking at us as a one-stop solution. As far as commercial fitouts go, it is about being at your level best. 

We have mainly been developing commercial fitouts for offices. The need for fitouts is bigger in such cases. The initial impression often proves to be the last. This is why most such organisations in Sydney demand the best possible commercial fitouts that will instantly impact the people visiting their boutiques, salons, Furniture showrooms, bookstores, Gift Shops, and other stores.

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LITECO is a NSW Registered Building Practitioner !

From 1st July 2021, Any new commercial or retail fitout project in a building that has Residential Apartment (Class 2) component, The Principal Contractor must be a Registered Building Practitioner in NSW. We are one of the few reliable commercial builders who have Building Practitioners registration in NSW and sure we can help with your projects!

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20 Apr 2023

How will you use Pantone Colour of the Year in your commercial fitouts?


Every December, the world’s leading colour authority, Pantone, announces a colour that they feel best encapsulates the mood of the coming year.


The Colour of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta a hot pink. Pantone describes this as a powerful and empowering colour, “an unconventional red for an unconventional time”.

“Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration …”

Viva Magenta 18-1750 is a colour that is rooted in nature – and comes from the red family.

Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of Pantone, says that in this age of technology, we look more to nature to keep a handle on what is real.

“Inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family, as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has ever known.”

It is not surprising that after several years focused on neutral palettes, interior designers are gravitating towards colour-drenched walls and cabinetry – and Viva Magenta could be an indication of bold colours that are on their way.

VIVA-MAGENTA-liteco projects

So how will this bold, bright colour be used in commercial fitouts??

Here are 5 suggestions on how this Pantone Colour of the Year could be used in in commercial interior fitouts, whether it be an office fitout, a cafe fitout or a restaurant fitout.

1. Use Viva Magenta as a pop of colour

One of the easiest ways to incorporate Viva Magenta into your space is to use it as an accent colour or a pop of colour.


Viva Magenta is a bold colour but it can be incorporated into interior commercial fitouts in multiple ways.

For a bold statement you can go for a magenta feature wall, but it can also be added as a pop of colour through smaller details, for example, curtains or rugs, or even just magenta flowers. This will add a warm, yet dramatic touch to any interior.

If it is used sparingly, in small doses, Viva Magenta will add a pop of energy to an otherwise neutral space. These splashes of this colour will definitely lift any space.

2. Use Viva Magenta with earthy tones or neutrals

Viva Magenta is a strong colour so you can soften it by pairing it with muted earthy hues like sandy beige and cinnamon brown.

viva magenta with earthy tones


Bold, vibrant colours aren’t for everyone and a lot of people gravitate towards the calming properties of a neutral palette.

However, if you want to make a foray into using bolder colours, you will be delighted to know that Viva Magenta pairs beautifully with these natural, paler shades.

If you put it against crisp white, it really comes to life, and if paired with grey it creates a great, contemporary feel. With the right tone of pale pink it becomes soft and romantic, and earthy sands really bring out the red.

So you do not need to ditch the neutral or earthy colours, just pair them with Viva Magenta.

3. Spice up a restaurant fitout with a dash of Viva Magenta

Restaurants are the perfect place to experiment with Viva Magenta.


Do not be afraid to use Viva Magenta in your restaurant designs. Add warm tones of lively green plants, add magenta-coloured seats and table décor and amp up the whole restaurant theme.

To add design depth, indulge in soft rugs made of wool and silk. Add touches of Viva Magenta with such things as salt and pepper shakers on the table. Minute details in this colour will enhance the restaurant’s design theme.

4. Experiment with textures

Viva Magenta is a shade that also lends itself beautifully to textures.


Using different textures to add depth and interest to a space has been a rising practice over the past few years.

Use Viva Magenta in velvet to create the feeling of ultimate indulgence, in wool for vibrant cosiness, or even in coloured glass for a beautiful rosy glow.

5. Use it to highlight key areas

Think outside the box

Another way to incorporate Viva Magenta into your office or shop fitout is to use it to highlight key areas or features.

For example, you could use Viva Magenta signage or lighting to draw attention to your company logo or product displays. This will help create a sense of energy and excitement in your space, and make it more memorable for customers.


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5 Dec 2022

A Definitive Guide to a Successful Restaurant or Café business Fit-Out (Part Two)


In Part One of our Definitive Guide to a Successful Restaurant or Café business Fit-Out we learnt about:

  1. Creating a Business Plan (& sticking to it)
  2. Setting a Budget (but not skimping on the kitchen)
  3. Location, Location, Location
  4. Hiring a Fit-out Company
  5. Design Dreams (plus practicalities)

In Part Two we will look at:

  1. Timelines (plan, plan and plan again)
  2. Marketing (shout about it)
  3. Staff (hire well)
  4. Open (soft launch)
  5. Repeat (eat, sleep, repeat)

Liteco Projects Green

6. Timelines

Plan, plan and plan again:

Keeping on track, sticking to your timeline, can be one of the hardest things – that is why it is important to make sure the deadlines you set are realistic.

As a starting point, refer to your business plan and ascertain when your business needs to be operational to maximise your revenue streams.

A good fitout company will help you manage your timescales and especially when to purchase your key items, such as furniture and equipment.


7. Marketing

Shout about it

You need to let the world know your plans – you are about to open the doors to your dream business so you need to start creating hype as soon as possible.

Create a website and start gaining a database of interested customers, get them excited with updates and countdowns. Use social media platforms (Facebook, instagram) – there is no reason why you can’t build an online following and loyal customer base before you’ve even opened.

If online isn’t your thing (or even if it is!), bring the focus to your restaurant or cafe shop with window graphics promoting the business – even create a gorilla marketing campaign in the area.

There are many options to build intrigue ready for the big reveal.


8. Staff

Recruit well

Customer service is invaluable, so recruit early and recruit well.

With your staff, you will need to find the perfect balance between emotional skill and technical skill (51% personality against 49% technical ability).

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to do recruit properly as a quick fix can sometimes bring with it long-term issues – so plan, hold onto your nerve and know the right people are out there!


8. Open

Soft launch

Before your grand opening to the public – have a trial run.

Invite a restricted audience and to test how your business operates.

As well as family and friends, you need to invite those who will be more critical – so invite a cross section of people you don’t know.

You need honest feedback (not a party!) – you need to know what’s working and what needs improving.

10. Repeat

Eat, sleep, repeat

You did it.

The doors to your business are finally open.

Now, the hard work begins!

Once open it is critical that you maintain consistency and quality.

By all means listen to customers and employees via comment cards but keep it simple with a couple of questions such as “What did you enjoy?” and “What could we do better?”.


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2 Dec 2022

A Definitive Guide to a Successful Restaurant or Café business Fit-Out (Part One)

restaurant design

Starting a restaurant, café or take-away business can be exciting and rewarding but also daunting.

You may have the dream but there are many challenges that you will encounter along the way from equipment to research, rents to staff and that’s before you’ve even opened your doors.

To help you along the way, we have compiled a definitive guide with our top tips to help you achieve a successful restaurant business fit-out.

Like anything, it’s all about getting started.

This Guide is divided into 2 parts.

Here are ten of the key areas anyone looking to fit out a restaurant should consider.

In Part One we will look at:

  1. Creating a Business Plan (& sticking to it)
  2. Setting a Budget (but not skimping on the kitchen)
  3. Location, Location, Location
  4. Hiring a Fit-out Company
  5. Design Dreams (plus practicalities)

In Part Two we will look at:

  1. Timelines (plan, plan and plan again)
  2. Marketing (shout about it)
  3. Staff (hire well)
  4. Open (soft launch)
  5. Repeat (eat, sleep, repeat)

1. Your Business Plan:

Create a business plan & stick to it

Your Business Plan is arguably THE most important step when it comes to fitting out your hospitality venture, whether it be a fancy restaurant, corner coffee shop or takeaway.

If you have chosen a fit-out company, it is a good idea to work closely with them and use their expertise to develop a realistic budget. That way your business plan will fit your budget.

Whilst is is important to try and stick to your business plan and budget (and it is important!), it is also necessary to make sure that you allow yourself some leeway.

However good your intentions, it is very likely you will end up spending much more than you planned for, so it is a good idea to make sure your budget is realistic, and that you have the extra funds to cover unexpected expenses.

Always stick to your business plan. It should be a living (breathing!) document that you should continually refer back to.

These are two rules that are good to have in your head:

Whatever your set up cost is; double it.
Whatever your predicted turnover is; half it.

With these rules in mind, look at your figures and ask yourself – if this was true, could your business survive?!

2. Your Budget:

Set a budget but don’t go cheap when it comes to the kitchen

If you have chosen a fit-out company, work closely with them to develop a budget that fits within your business plan as closely as possible.

Of course negotiate, but remember it is often false economy to buy too cheap. The last thing you want to be doing, is having to buy things twice.

A good fit-out company will always listen to your requests and try to work with your budget.

A golden rule however, is, don’t buy cheap when it comes to kitchens!

Don’t cut costs on equipment – rather, this is an area where high-quality materials, furniture and equipment is imperative.

Invest, invest, invest!

These need to be long-lasting, so go for stainless steel work-benches, professional ovens and high quality utensils.

3. Location

Choose a perfect location

When looking for the perfect location, you need to be armed with a comprehensive understanding of who your ideal customer is and also a good grasp of the local area where you are looking.

If you need help finding a premises, talk to your fit-out company – as they will know what to look for.

You can however do a lot of the research yourself.

Look at an area or property from the perspective of restaurant manager, (which might be you!), as well as a customer.

Check out other restaurants in the area, experience your competitors and what they are offering, talk to their customers, their staff, get a feel for what works and what could be improved. How do they welcome you when you arrive? What do you think of their menu? How comfortable do you feel? Focus on details as well as the big picture.

Consider how many potential customers there are – on weekdays, on weekends, in the mornings and afternoons and even seasonally or at different points of the month.

4. Fit-out Company

Hiring the best

You might want to do this step up front, as, depending on who you choose, your fit-out contractor can be involved in every part of your fit-out journey.

Do your research, get recommendations and choose your fit-out company carefully (read: wisely!). This is going to be a long-term relationship so you need to make sure it is the right fit.

The right fit-out partner will hold the project together and guide you through the technicalities, legalities and help inspire you creatively.

Work with a contractor that finds solutions, not problems, has plenty of experience and above all – listens to you.

Consider a one stop shop company, such as Liteco Projects, who are able to work with you at every stage from choosing the right location, to design, joinery and even kitchen appliances.

5. Design

Your unique story, plus the practicalities

As British chef Heston Blumenthal once said “food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste”.

Consider this – people can get a meal, a take-away, a coffee anywhere – BUT a positive, unique experience is hard to find.

If you can achieve this then you will have left your mark and a lot of this comes through DESIGN.

Design allows you to stand out and be different and for many, this starts with a STORY.

Every business needs a story and with the commercial world being so competitive, the strongest stories will be the most compelling.

Incorporate and convey your story in your design – in this way your customer’s experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Of course, it’s not just in the design.

But design that is intentional, considerate and sensitive to lighting, colour and space make it much easier to ensure a positive experience.

Here are some practicalities you may want to consider in your design phase:

  • Space parameters – customers and staff need ample space to move around, so make sure you don’t put tables too close together.
  • Optimise your lighting – you, your staff and your customers can see everything properly but you also want to create the right ambience.
  • Make the most of storage space – storage is essential and you never know what you might need it for.

That is all for PART ONE, stay tuned for PART TWO.


20200814 Liteco UoNBar 005

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Dulux Colour Forecast for 2023 & how to use it in your fitout


Colours for a Post Pandemic World


We are fast approaching the end of the year – which means – Dulux Colour Forecast for 2023 is out.

Based on extensive research, both locally & globally, the forecast reveals what tones and trends we can expect to see more of next year.

Dulux 3 palettes feature a mix of earth drawn neutrals, natural textures and a range of vibrant colours for a post pandemic world.

The main themes are Balance, Connect, Revive.


Balance – the need for Calm

“Uncertainty creates a need to restore the balance in our lives”.


The Inspiration:
Balance features serene marine blues and gentle greens in a calming palette for anyone seeking a simple, but sophisticated, aesthetic.

The Colours:
These colours are inspired by the coast, such as Dulux Kimberley Sea and Dulux Nephrite and are paired with the richness of Dulux Deep Garnet – a rich combination.

The Look: How to use these colours in your Fitout:
The look is luxe with textures like velvet and silk, furniture with exaggerated features and abstract art and décor pieces.



Connect: the need to connect with Nature

“Our connections are renewed through sustainability, authenticity and meaning”.


The Inspiration:
Connect brings the rich colours of the outdoors inside with earthy tones of moss, wasabi, sandstone, cinnamon, muddied yellow-green and burnt charcoal.

The Colours:
Classics like Dulux Whisper White are combined with warmer colours such as Dulux Bongo Skin and Dulux Basset Brown – these make for great and inviting feature walls.

The Look: How to use these colours in your Fitout:
This palette works best with simple furniture in natural materials – think timber, leather and rattan, as well as natural elements like stone flooring and bespoke, modern lighting made from recycled materials for a rustic and cosy look.



Revive: the need for Joy & Play

“Emerging from challenging times we revive our spirits through joy and creativity”.


The Inspiration:
After all the doom & gloom of recent COVID years, Dulux’s latest forecast brings playful, happy colours to brighten up our everyday lives.

The Colours:
Sunshine yellow, gold and breezy blues paired with Dulux Purple Celebration will lift our moods. These are softened with variations of rose such as Dulux Princess Pink and Dulux Pink Chi.

The Look: How to use these colours in your Fitout:
The Revive colour palette merges the past and present. So add retro influences with futuristic features – pixel patterns and digital art – and use these colours to create look-at-me accent walls and statement seating.


See all shades in Dulux’s 2023 Colour Forecast here.


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