Office Fitouts · 15 Sep 2022 · by Lorna Marty

4 reasons to include a breakout area in your office fitout

Modern offices, big & small, have fallen in love with the idea of breakout areas.

So, what exactly constitutes an office breakout area and why should you include one in your office fitout?

Read on to find out why.

What is an office breakout area?

A breakout space can be defined by any area without a fixed use. At a very base level, it could be just a grouping of chairs, or at the other extreme, a well-designed, experimental space.

It is an alternative space for employees to gather away from their desks, for informal meetings, collaborations, employee catchups or just a place to relax.

5 benefits of office breakout area:

One: Increases Productivity

Studies show that taking regular breaks from a task can dramatically improve an employee’s ability to focus. It is recommended that employees take a break of at least 5-10 minutes every hour.

Changing your setting helps you to recharge. Accordingly, breakout space in workplaces become vital to hoist staff spirit, increment mental prosperity and support efficiency levels.

Two: Increases Innovativeness

Good breakout areas are relaxed and away from work stations, allowing more conceptual thoughts and creativity.

Three: Increases Health & Wellbeing

Sitting all day long at a desk is bad.

Office breakout areas, encourage employees to get up and leave their desks, encouraging mobility and flexibility. Breakout areas in your office are therefore a great starting point for ensuring you have a happy and healthy workforce.

Four: Makes the right impression

We live in a world where your office fitout reflects your company culture and ethics. A well thought out and well-designed office breakout area actually indicates you care about the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees which in turn has an impact on your clients and helps to attract and retain good employees.

Office Breakout Area Considerations:

There are many things to consider with an office breakout area – here are a few recommendations:

  • The Space: It should be fun and inviting, so choose the right colours, maybe add a feature wall, provide comfortable chairs and/or lounges
  • The Noise: To create a sense of separation and privacy, install pods, or booths or glass panels
  • The Extras: Make it homely – provide a coffee machine, add plants, a games area, build a Friday bar, or even a breakfast bar!


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