Manufacturing Local & Overseas.

Manufacturing Local & Overseas

Manufacturing Services Local

At Liteco Projects, we construct and deliver high-quality joinery solutions for a wide range of commercial properties in Sydney and surrounding metro areas.

With our manufacturing office located in Rockdale NSW, our inhouse joinery team works with the latest European machinery to build exceptional joinery customised for your project.

Here’s how our local manufacturing and joinery services stand out:

  • Customisation and Precision: Our skilled joiners create bespoke furniture, fixtures, and cabinetry tailored to exact specifications. Whether it’s a reception desk, built-in shelving, or tailored workstations, we ensure precision and seamless integration within the space.
  • Streamlined Workflow: By handling joinery internally, we eliminate delays associated with outsourcing. Our team collaborates closely with designers and project managers, ensuring a smooth workflow from design to installation. This efficiency translates to timely project completion.
  • Quality Control: Liteco maintains strict quality control over every joinery component. We select durable materials, pay attention to finishes, and ensure that each piece aligns with the overall design vision. Our commitment to excellence reflects in the final result.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: In-house joinery minimises additional costs related to subcontracting. We optimise material usage, reduce waste, and pass on the cost savings to our clients. Plus, there’s no middleman – just direct communication between our team and the client.
  • Seamless Integration: Joinery seamlessly integrates with other fitout elements. From electrical points to plumbing, our joiners work closely with other trades to ensure a cohesive fitout. This collaboration results in a harmonious and functional interior.

Manufacturing Overseas

At Liteco Projects, we offer customised joinery solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and manufactured with the utmost precision overseas.

We collaborate with overseas joinery manufacturers to bring larger and more complex projects to life. which are then meticulously installed in Sydney and other cities across Australia.

Here’s how our overseas joinery manufacturing benefits both our clients and their projects:

  • Cost Savings: By sourcing joinery components from international suppliers, we achieve significant cost savings. These reduced costs allow us to provide competitive solutions to you without compromising quality.
  • Efficient Production: Overseas manufacturing streamlines the production process. Our joinery components are expertly crafted and tailored to your project needs. This service is ideal for high-end projects that require larger, complex or detailed components.
  • Quality Assurance: Liteco maintains strict quality control even for overseas joinery. We collaborate with trusted suppliers to ensure that materials meet our standards. This commitment to quality extends to finishes, durability, and alignment with the overall design vision.
  • Timely Delivery: By leveraging international production capabilities, we optimise lead times. Our efficient supply chain ensures that joinery components arrive on schedule, contributing to timely project completion.