Retail Fitouts · 26 Oct 2016 · by Lorna Marty

Are Interior Projects Specialists Really Worth the Money for Retail Fitouts?

Many shop owners attempt to design and project manage their own retail fitouts themselves, instead of hiring interior projects specialists to do the job.

This is all well and good, but there are some serious reasons why hiring a firm experienced in retail fitouts is a much better and more cost-effective move in the long run.

The main objection to engaging interior projects specialists to take on the whole refurbishment is usually the cost. Right at the start this needs to be put into perspective, because we have seen so many poorly thought through retail fitouts, which end up costing owners a lot more money than the cost of a professional project management team.


So let’s take a look at 6 reasons why engaging interior projects specialists for your next retail fitout makes good business sense.

1. Within budget

At Liteco Projects we have years of experience in project managing retail fitouts and every single time we complete within budget. Left to themselves, many store owners lose track of their budget and considerably overspend, eating into their profits before they even reopen their store.

2. On time

Completing fitouts within a set time frame is essential for all retail businesses, but it is vital for stores in shopping malls where the management designates the timeframe for the refurbishment. As interior projects specialists, we make sure that your store is up and running on time, every time.

3. Professional service

Handing over your refurbishment to an expert team leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business and gives you peace of mind as well. Our service is second to none and you can rest easy knowing that it will be on time and within budget.

4. Superior design

Whether it is a franchise design or your own design, we offer professional and expert advice for all retail fitouts as needed. We will make sure that your customer’s shopping experience is the best it can be in your store, enhancing flow through and optimising your interior design.

5. Qualified tradies

We have a team of qualified and experienced tradies available, so you don’t have to worry about finding an electrician or plumber at the last minute. We cover all of your trades and the costs are all included in your initial quote.


6. Maximise profits

As interior projects specialists we make sure that the money you spend on your refurbishment is well spent in areas that will maximize the customer experience and your profits as well. We know where your merchandise displays need to be placed, how to optimise the flow through your store, the best location for POS counters and how to avoid visual overload, whilst enhancing visual breaks to increase profits.

So whilst you might think that managing your refurbishment yourself is a good idea and a great way to save money on retail fitouts, in reality it can turn into a long term headache.

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