Medical Fitouts · 06 Feb 2024 · by Lorna Marty

The Impact of Good Dental Clinic Design

Success by design – dental practice design is changing.

Increasingly, design-wise, dental practices are moving away from grey, clinical dental offices towards spaces that are welcoming, comfortable and well thought-out.

Having an attractive Practice is not only good for dental patients but also for dentists and support staff. Most of us spend more time at work than at home – so doesn’t it make sense to care for patients, staff and ourselves in providing the best practice environment we can?

So what is the impact of good dental clinic design? 



1. Attracting & Retaining Dental Patients

Dentophobia is real & affects 1 in 7 Australians. It contributes to bad oral hygiene as parents and children fear going to the dentist. Attracting and rebooking clients therefore a big thing.

Seen from this stand-point, creating a happy patient experience, is imperative and it starts from how they experience the dental practice on a subliminal level.

We are not talking about opulence in dental design, but rather – good planning and good design.

Patients make their value judgement on the quality of work by appearance of the end-result and comfort during treatment. Factors such as the waiting room environment, comforts offered in the waiting room, the clinical environment, what they see on the way to the treatment room and the lighting levels are all subconscious clues to their perception. These are important. Your Practice does not need to be opulent but it does need to be well designed.

We are talking design which includes more natural elements, better lighting, comfortable seating and tones outside of the standard clinical white. These elements reduce stress levels and aim to transform the routine clinic visit into something which patients do not dread, and may, if you are lucky, look forward to.

Natural Light

Having natural light is in general seen to have good mental and physical health benefits. Glass doors, expansive windows, skylights and mirrors that reflect the light can all be incorporated into your dental clinic design to maximise natural light. This will in turn maximise your patients’ physical comfort (and reduce your electricity bill, too!).

Natural Elements
Natural elements can help to calm anxious patients – real plants, fresh flowers or realistic-looking greenery – will help.

Also consider incorporating “natural” images throughout your practice from amazing landscape paintings to murals of natural images. These can help to enliven otherwise blank spaces such as the walls in waiting rooms or hallways.

When these elements can’t be incorporated naturally, using natural-like lighting fixtures with green, earthy tones in the furniture, walls, and other areas.

Add Colour

Adding a pop of colour can have a great impact. This can be in the form of furniture and other furnishings, a feature wall or other wall furnishings, tying in your brand colours.


2. Patients accept your Advice & Treatment Plan

Patients notice attention to detail – and this “eye for detail” is best communicated in the Practice environment.

If they see that there is care in regards to details in the Practice they can then relax and be more willing to place themselves in care more readily. Of course, the treatment on offer needs to be good, but the bottom line is – in an environment which creates a positive impression, a patient is more likely to accept your advice and treatment plan. This in turn contributes to a satisfying long-term relationship.

3. Staff are more Productive

There is another major advantage of investing in the design and presentation of your Practice – staff productivity. It stands to reason that good staff are attracted to a well designed, well presented Practice. This is increasingly important in a time of staff shortages, when good staff are hard to come by.

Applicants prefer to work in a well-presented practice.

Secondly, when a Practice is well-planned, staff efficiency is improved. There is a flow between the administrative and clinical departments allowing them to operate smoothly. This reduces stress levels and improves staff productivity. It also contributes to the sense of community among the staff which is important, especially in terms of staff retention.

A new Practice environment can have an impact on staff in terms of their attitude to their job and pride in their new practice environment. This is a priceless benefit.

Last Words

Of course, re-designing a Practice is not cheap. However, like all good investments, the return should be greater than the cost. Patient loyalty, staff efficiency and productivity cannot be underestimated.

Create a dental clinic that patients want to visit and staff want to work in and you will reap what you sow!

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