Office Fitouts · 28 Jun 2017 · by Lorna Marty

4 Easy interior design tips for affordable office refurbishments

Office refurbishments are a necessary part of business and are important to both your employees and your customers. Your employees need a comfortable, bright and efficient office space and your customers need to know that you are a caring and modern business.

As you can imagine, a sloppy, poorly designed office is off-putting for both employees and customers, reducing employee efficiency and quite possibly, turning customers away. However, when you are on a limited budget, how do you afford new office fitouts?

Well, your refurbishment doesn’t have to break the bank, because with the following 7 interior design tips you can easily create an affordable, warm and comforting space that suits everyone – even on a budget.


The best office refurbishments start by assessing how much natural light is available. If you have lots of natural light flooding into your office, then you are fine. On the other hand, if your office is fairly dark or you rely on florescent lighting during the day, then it is best to consult a lighting specialist and select the best energy efficient lighting you can afford. This one, single upgrade can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your office space and is one our best tips for affordable office fitouts.

Second hand furniture

Depending on your business, you might find that pre-loved or vintage furniture suits your interior design. There is nothing wrong with this approach to office refurbishments and you will find many high quality pieces online. You can either look for overstocked office furniture that is sold below RRP in your local area or opt for an eclectic mix of pre-loved furniture that suits your ethos. The interior design tip here is to look for style, comfort and practicality.


There is nothing quite like being surrounded by nature to give us a calm and relaxed feeling. Many office fitouts could easily benefit from a few well considered plants to bring life and energy into the work space. First of all, make sure that the plants will flourish indoors and that you have chosen the right locations for them. Then you need to choose the right size plants and the right size pots. A few small, half dead plants is not the interior design look you want, instead check out your local council or government buildings and steal some of their ideas for indoor plantings.


This is one of the easiest ways to brighten up a dull office space and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Two of the most affordable strategies we often use in our office fitouts are absolutely free!

First, you can ask local artists to display their artwork on your walls (especially if they will be seen by customers), so they are effectively using your office walls as their own personal gallery. If that idea doesn’t suit, then you can simply enlarge some digital images and frame them on your walls. Always pick images that you have taken yourself, so there are no copyright issues, and for just the cost of a few frames, you have beautiful, unique wall art.

With these 4 easy refurbishment tips, you should make a world of difference to your office space.

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