5 of the World’s Best Restaurant Interior Designs

by | Jan 26, 2015 | Fitout Trends

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant and the first that comes to most people’s mind is the quality of the food. It is true that if the food is first class, your customers will continue to grace your door, but it is even better if the décor is stunningly fabulous as well.

At Liteco, we are interior project specialists, which means that we understand interior design and the influence that an inspiring restaurant refurbishment can have on your bottom line. A truly spectacular interior design can dramatically increase the popularity of your restaurant and bring an influx of customers through your doors

So we thought we would share with you 5 of what we believe, are the world’s most fabulous and most magnificent restaurant interior designs:

H.R. Giger Museum Bar, Gruyeres, Switzerland

The interior design of this bar is beyond stunning and was inspired by the famous and popular Alien movies. Opening in 2003, the walls, ceilings and fittings of this dramatically themed bar are the brainchild of Swiss artist H. R Giger. The cavernous bar has massive arches of vertebra that crisscross the vaulted ceilings, mind boggling ‘Harkonnen’ chairs with spinal cord backs and futuristically engraved stone floors. There is no doubt that this is a monumental design. (http://www.hrgiger.com/barmuseum)

Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

Opening in 2007, the Blue Frog Lounge is a monumental escape into the imagination. It is a lounge, bar, restaurant and music venue, so the interior design needed to give as many people as possible an uninterrupted view of the stage. The different sized cylindrical booths, all on different levels, the flowing cellular design and textured walls make this an elegant and world class example of a hospitality fitout with flair (http://www.bluefrog.co.in)

Truth Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa

At first this glance this coffee shop shrieks eclectic, industrial trash, but you would be deceived. This original and unique interior design by Heldane Martin is a futuristic fantasy based on the form and structure of coffee roasters and espresso machines. Filled with metal piping, old machinery, vintage type writers, sewing machines and candlestick telephones, the Truth Café pushes the boundaries so far, that it becomes aesthetically complete. (http://www.truthcoffee.com)

Jane Restaurant, Antwerp, Belgium

The former chapel of a military hospital in Antwerp is a structural masterpiece of interior design. The refurbishment in early 2014 by Piet Boon has transformed this quiet chapel into a unique experience where the ambiance and architecture of the building is not only enhanced, but is brilliantly magnified. Restorations were kept to a minimum, and the entire design is pure, understated and high-end. This restaurant is a journey into natural stone, leather, oak and glass – and the effect is simply stunning.

Le Pain Frances Restaurant, Gothenburg, Sweden

This glamorous and sophisticated restaurant designed by Stylt Trampoli is an amazing example of how proportions and colour can come together to create an experience like no other. As their first venture into the restaurant world, this established chain of French Bakeries has make a very promising start. Despite the complex mix in textures, materials and proportions, there is a magical quality to the interior design and refurbishment of this four-storey restaurant, one that verges on a Jules Verne era. (http://lepainfrancais.se)


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